What is Windows Secure Workstation?

What is Windows Secure Workstation?

Windows Secure Workstation is a malware program. Computer viruses like this are the kind that tricks people into buying a fake solution. People who design these programs make them to scare people. They want people to act out of fear so they can buy a fake solution to stop the symptoms of the virus. These symptoms can include a slew of fake scan results and the error messages will seem very real. This threat has appeared online before under different names like Windows Virtual Angel, Windows Virtual Firewall, and Windows Web Combat. There are at least 50 clients that are the same thing.

Windows Secure Workstation


How Did I get this Windows Secure Workstation Infection?

There is more than than one way to get this malware infection on your computer. A lot of the times people are simply tricked into installing this on their computers. If there is no antiviru sprotection, it makes it easy for this kind of infection to find a way onto your computer system. This virus can put itself on computers this way. It goes through the security breech.

Is Windows Secure Workstation Damaging Anything?

The silver lining to all this is your passwords and login information is safe from being copied with this virus. The down side is you won’t be able to use your computer in a normal fashion at all. Your programs will be blocked and won’t be able to run the way it did before you got the virus. The only way to reinstate normal computer function is to delete this virus from your computer completely. You will have to deal with error messages. The hard part will be believing that these messages are all fake. The truth is they are. Do not buy anything. You don’t have to buy the program they are suggesting. To do so is just throwing money away and it’s a complete waste.