Internet Security 2012

Internet Security 2012 is a malware client that is connected to many previous threats. These threats include Win PC Defender, Security  Central, Spyware Protection, Security Central, XP Deluxe … [Read more...]

Internet Security


The internet is riddled with all kinds of infectious programs. It is almost a requirement to have an antivirus program running on any computer that you use to access the internet with. Internet … [Read more...]

The Best Antivirus Removal Clients

Computer safety is fast becoming one of the top priorities for computer users everywhere. Everyone is concern about online viruses and keeping their personal information safe and their computer … [Read more...]

The Google Redirect Threat


On the internet Google is king. People rely on Google to produce much of their trusted web results and more. There is a new security threat and virus going around the internet. It is called Google … [Read more...]

Intego Launches New Security Software for Mac Users


The Mac security specialist Intego has recently launched a new antimalware and Macantivirus software VirusBarrier Plus. The program is designed to provide security for the users from both Mac and … [Read more...]

Mozilla Fixes Firefox Bugs


Firefox 4 along with some of the older versions of the browser (including Firefox 3 and 3.5) have recently gone through significant level of renovation as Mozilla addresses 53 bugs of which 12 were … [Read more...]