Remove Smart Fortress 2012

This Smart Fortress 2012 and I have done battle several times. This is an old threat under a newer name. This client has been around for years now but under different names.

It’s near impossible to track down and punish the makers of these rouges. Smart Fortress 2012 removal is not as hard as one may think. Great instructions can be found on this Remove Smart Fortress 2012 guide. You may also want to look at this Smart Fortress 2012 guide as well.

The biggest issue most people have with this virus is you are not able to use any programs on your computer till it is removed. Almost all programs are blocked from running. Because of this some individuals will find the threat hard to remove. You will most likely not be able to install antivirus software on the computer to help you remove the threat either.

Great Tips to Make removing Smart Fortress 2012 Easier

You may be able to yse System Restore and full remove Smart Fortress 2012 in a matter of minutes. This is basically taking your computer back in time to when you were not infected with the virus. From there you can run a full virus scan to ensure everything was removed.

If the system restore does not work for you then you can most likely install an antivirus client while in safe mode with networking. This tends to work well for many people out there.

Manual removal is always an option but it will require you to stop the malware client from running before you can remove it. Once you stop a single .exe file on the system the program will most likely stop running and you can then delete the rest of the virus traces and take back your computer. While this sounds hard, it’s really rather simple.

This virus hides in the C:ProgramData\ folder. Then sort the files and folders by date. View by the most currently installled files first. Now it’s just a matter of comparing the dates to the day you got infected. Chances are there are only 1-4 files and folders around the date you were infected. Basically the folder name will not make any sense. This will be the file you need to stop from running. Re-name the files in the folder to anything you like. The virus will now no longer load and upon re-boot should not be active.