Metasploit 3.7 Comes with Enhanced Session Tracking Backend, Targets Apple iOS

Metasploit, an open source vulnerability testing framework found in Express, Pro and Open Source editions has received a major overhauling recently with the emergence of Metasploit 3.7 that includes an enhanced session tracking backend which is expected to boost up the performance of Metasploit. With the focus on issues related to compliance, Metasploit 3.6 arrived in the cyber world during March followed by the release of Metasploit 3.7. The later version has strengthened the framework with improved performance and new exploit module. More than 35 new exploit modules are included with the recent release for security researchers to test which includes the new ones developed to test iOS mobile operating system security of Apple. It is to be mentioned that the Apple iOS Backup File Extraction module is known as a post-exploitation module which is not an attack vector for exploiting iOS directly.

Security researcher Charlie Miller became successful to exploit the system during the pw2own hacking challenge this year where Apple’s iOS was targeted specifically. According to the Rapid7 chief security officer and chief architect of Metasploit HD Moore, hundreds of desktop systems can be accessed through a single domain administrator login and the process of scavenging the iTunes backup files from the entire network at once can become quite easy with the help of the Metasploit Pro product.


Gregory Szarkiewicz/