Intego Launches New Security Software for Mac Users

The Mac security specialist Intego has recently launched a new antimalware and Macantivirus software VirusBarrier Plus. The program is designed to provide security for the users from both Mac and Windows malware, along with from many other malicious scripts, malware and so on. The program is to be sold through the Mac App Store exclusively and the user is required to have an account with the store in order to download the program.

VirusBarrier Plus ensures necessary protection for the Mac users from Mac and Windows malware, something that enables the software to prevent people from passing infected files to others by using other operating systems including Windows. The program can also protect the users from hacker tools, Flash malware, keyloggers, Linux malware, PDF malware and malicious scripts (including Javascript, PHP, Perl, shell scripts etc.)

Advanced users running VirusBarrier Plus in their system will also be able to launch malware scan from the command line on their Macs by using the Mac OS X Terminal application in order to scan each and every file in the machine.

The program frequently comes up with free malware definition updates. New malware definitions are provided twice a week at least and a user can easily check for the malware definition updates by clicking a button. Users may find VirusBarrier Plus available in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.