Fake Firefox alert

It was reveled that some cyber criminals are trying to take advantage of unaware users by redirecting them to websites that show a  fake Firefox alert. The mechanism works through the installation of a Trojan virus in advance which later causes the browser to redirect a user to these websites. There the user may encounter fake security alerts based on the security system which is integrated into Firefox. The fake Firefox alert will warn the user that the website s/he is attempting to access can cause harm to the system and then will recommend the surfer to install a software as a preventive measure.

If the user clicks on the button saying “Get security software”, s/he will be forwarded to another website where a so called “security” software will be offered. This software is designed not to do any good to the system. It gives the user an impression that his/her machine has got infected by malicious programs. The entire plot has been developed by cyber criminals to deceive people to take advantage of them.

If you encounter any security alert with a button saying “Get security software” then most likely it is a fake Firefox alert which also means that your system might have got infected by a Trojan already. In order to protect your system from such attacks, you need to have a reputed antivirus software installed in your machine which should be updated constantly to protect you from fake Firefox alerts and other threats.

Danilo Rizzuti/FreeDigitalPhotos.net