Fake Firefox alert


It was reveled that some cyber criminals are trying to take advantage of unaware users by redirecting them to websites that show a  fake Firefox alert. The mechanism works through the installation of … [Read more...]

BitDefender 2011


BitDefender 2011 is another fake anti-spyware program designed to deceive people by creating an impression that it is some how related to “BitDefender”, which is an original program. BitDefender … [Read more...]

XP Anti-Virus 2011


XP Anti-Virus 2011 is a fake security application which is designed to make money for the cyber criminals by exploiting the vulnerability of the users. Usually this software gains access to a computer … [Read more...]

Antimalware Doctor


Antimalware Doctor is a fake security software that gets installed in a system with the help of Trojan virus, insecure websites and fake online scanners. Once installed in a computer, Antimalware … [Read more...]

System Tool 2011


  System Tool 2011 is another deceiving application developed by the cyber criminals that pretends to be a good friend of the computer users but in reality is just a rouge software. Once … [Read more...]

Security Tool


Security Tool is a bogus antivirus software emerged from the same family as System Security and Total Security 2009. Security Tool is designed to display security alerts and threats which can convince … [Read more...]